Best things to do in Dubai

When you are in Dubai, forget about buildings spinning like Weeble, underwater hotels, man-made islands and the tallest tower in the world; there are many other things that are considered to be quite happening. Dubai was a small fishing village which has now gathered lots of tourists from all across the world. Its beauty has charmed many people from all over the world owing to which this has also become a must-see location here. Even if you visit Dubai for a week, you will never fall short of things. Given below are some of the best things to do here:

Sunset Barbecue and Desert Safari

This is a perfect example of authentic desert life and exhilarating ride. This is a must visit excursion when you are in Dubai. This roller-coaster ride is quite thrilling and enjoyable. After this, you must enjoy the delicious barbecue dinner at Bedouin camp.

Rates- Children- £38.00
Adults- £45.00

Helicopter Ride- Dubai

This is a perfect adventure that would offer an adrenaline rush. With this ride, one can enjoy the perfect views of Dubai such as Dhows on the creek, the abras as well as the old town.


25 minute flight – £235.00
15 minute flight- £151.00

Lost Chambers and Aqua-ventures combination pass

This is a perfect combination through which you can enjoy the Lost Chambers Aquarium as well as the Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis the Palm.

Child- £43.00
Adult- £54.00

Dolphin Encounter

Enjoy the intriguing world of Dolphins in crystal clear water at Dolphin Bay. There are shallow water lagoons and this place is quite suitable for age groups. Here, non-swimmers as well as young children can have a good interaction with dolphins.

Dinner at the Cruise

Sumptuous Oriental, Continental and Arabic meals can be enjoyed along with Arabic music on the cruise on Dubai Creek. Always opt for the traditional Dhow.


Child- £25.00
Adult- £39.00

Ski Dubai

In such a country, wherein temperatures are more than 40 degrees, snowboarding and skiing are surely the best activities. However, make sure you enjoy to the fullest.

Camel Riding, Sand Surfing and Desert Safari

You should now get ready for magic and excitement as experienced Safari drivers take you through journey in sand dunes in the dessert. After that, a camel ride can be enjoyed.

Ferrari World

1 full day can be enjoyed at Ferrari World, the 1st theme park of the world. Here, multi-sensory attractions and adrenaline rides can be enjoyed which includes Formula Rossa, the World’s fastest roller coaster.

Buying Used Cars in Dubai – Know the Reasons

Sometimes, purchasing automobiles prove to be quite expensive and this is the reason why majority of people opt for used cars Dubai. However, if one is a learner, then major or minor accidents can be caused. But if the accidents happen this way, no one would like seeing the brand new car being damaged this way. Even if it has to be repaired, it would definitely cost you a lot. However, practicing the driving skills with a 3rd hand or a 2nd hand car is a good option. So even if any accidents happen, one would regret the decision or suffer from a huge loss. If you are in Dubai and are looking for used cars, consider purchasing from the classifieds.

Why buy used cars in Dubai?

  • A major reason to buy used car in Dubai over brand new one is because it costs pretty less. Companies in Dubai that deal with used cars offer several models right from Mitsubishi, Audi and all others. The most simplest or lavish cars can now be obtained at extremely low costs. These services have saved a lot of money of people.
  • When we talk about depreciation, used cars aren’t affected just like new cars. As time passes, new vehicles too seem to lose the value. However, if used cars in Dubai are purchased, there is no need of worrying about its value being lost or being depreciated. This used car can be sold in the same value in which it was brought.
  • Another very important reason of purchasing the used car is that a very low registration fee has to be paid for it. This is how, a few dollars can be saved. Used cars aren’t subjected to any kind of taxes, especially sales tax. Above all, the insurance for used car is very cheap as compared to brand new cars. This is because, new cars are expensive and have a great value. Hence, replacing the damaged parts costs a lot if any damage is caused.

Although, there are several advantages if you own new vehicle, buying used car Dubai has its own advantages too. Therefore, this alternative should be taken into consideration before any final decision is made.

How to get used cars?

There are several classifieds in Dubai wherein ads are featured about second hand cars or used cars for sale. Take into consideration these ads so that fair decision can be made. However, refer the ads carefully and read the description of the car carefully for understanding the condition. Make sure that you aren’t paying up extra for something which is not worth it.